About William J. Dalziel

William “Bill” Dalziel was born at the Lansing College Hospital on the campus of Michigan State. He grew up in Michigan, leaving at the age of 19 for Art Center School of Design in Los Angeles, CA where he studied Architecture, Industrial/Auto Design, Graphics, Painting and Illustration. He left for the military in 1955 to French Camp at Camp LeJuenne, NC and then to Camp Pendleton, El Toro Marine Base, CA. as a liaison between the US Marine Corp and the US Navy.

Dalziel, considered an Abstract Expressionist from the early 1960’s, evokes feelings of strength and passion. His paintings are vibrant in color and depth, his language romantic, tender and direct. His bold geometric shapes evolve into intense coloration and sharply formed edges.

The author and artist’s enthusiasm for creativity, life and the environment are communicated through his heart-filled stories, resonating poetry and honest musings, continually weaving intense color in word and paint, and multi-layers of line and shape. His Sandbox Productions TV Series hosted lively conversations with theologians, scientists, bankers, and more.

A world traveler from New York to Paris on the Concorde, to Rome, Spain, Germany, Russia and Panama, Bill Dalziel sailed across the Pacific to Honolulu in a K50 Kettemburg sloop. A few of his lifetime influences include Buckminster Fuller, Mies Van der Rohe and the Bauhaus, Rumi, Hermann Hesse, Leonard Cohen, Akira Kurosawa, Toshiro Mifune, Eric Satie, John Cassavetes, Marlon Brando and Sam Peckinpah.

Currently, Bill Dalziel is producing a book of his musings, poetry & sketches called  Inks & Inklings,  to be released Spring of 2023.

Photo by Michael “Waldo” Foeller

William with Diane Stevenett, Book Designer and Editor. 

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