Charlie’s Dream


Story and Illustrations by William J. Dalziel

Charlie’s Dream is the sequel to William Dalziel’s first children’s book, “Ulma, the Kidnapped Tree”. Both “Ulma, the Kidnapped Tree”, and “Charlie’s Dream” contain an underlying message about how capitalism is stealing our freedom and liberties, and how caring friends and neighbors can save the day. This is a heart-filled tale about Charlie, an Eastern Blue Jay and his friend Ulma, an American Elm tree. Dalziel’s story of “Charlie’s Dream” takes us on a journey of magical events, friendship and community through a dream Charlie has, and with the gathering of a few of his feathered friends they bring a miracle of freedom to Ulma, The Liberty Tree. “Charlie’s Dream” is a story of Courage, Dreams and Freedom. It is loved among people of all ages. William Dalziel also did the beautiful illustrations for this story.

Charlie’s Dream
by William J. Dalziel
Publisher: iDare Productions (January 1, 2021)
Hardcover‏: ‎51 pages
ISBN-10: ‎0578946629
ISBN-13: ‎978-0578946627
ASIN: 0578946629
EAN: 9780578946627